Today’s Vote Video is all about the best new comics with awesome female leads!! Yay lady comics!!

Also I’ve fallen a bit behind in the Cineplex Pre-Show Host contest D: You can VOTE EVERY DAY so please take a second and drop me a vote!! http://www.cineplex.com/castingcall

Hey! My friend Sam, who is an awesome writer/cosplayer/journalist/geek queen, is working hard to become the new Cineplex Pre-Show Host. This means she’s up on the screen before movies in the theatre, talking to you and telling you what’s what!

Sam is the best. She works for The Mary Sue as well as a hundred other things. She’s a badass babe and I would love her to win, so I could look at her face every time I go see a movie! If you could take 3-5 seconds out of your day and vote for her, that’d be cool of you. Like she says, you can vote once a day!

MAKE IT HAPPEN! More nerd ladies on the screen!